The Immortal Beauty

She waited with bated breath, Her heart throbbing fast. She knew the time had arrived, The stage was set, at last. She knew, she was not alone, For they would all perform together. But when the curtains fall, They would leave the stage forever. The cool breeze caressed her, It felt her sorrow and fear.... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Trust

It is said, "We don't meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason." An exceptional stranger crossed her path when she was a little girl. She was too young to realise the depth of this meeting. Its profound significance dawned on her only when she grew up. This is... Continue Reading →

The Angels of Hope

One morning, as I stepped outside, Three stunning beauties met my eyes. Lovely, lavender colour they adorned, Bright and radiant their faces shone.   I was looking forward to meet them. For their buds, I had carefully nurtured. Yet, as the periwinkles blossomed, Their petals set my heart aflutter.   They happily soaked in the... Continue Reading →

Mumbai, A Marvel

No lush green lawns, No mountains beyond, A city that runs so fast, A daily marathon of sorts.   But in all the hustle bustle, A tender heart dwells, And when met with any hurdle, Mumbai shows she really cares.   She taught me empathy, She taught me to fight, She showed me how blessed... Continue Reading →

Ganpati Bappa Morya

They say all good tasks should start with Ganesh Vandana. So after a long gap I am restarting my blog during the auspicious Ganesh utsav…and what better topic than the Vignaharta himself.  I am not so much of a religious person. But if you ask me my favourite festival it is definitely Ganpati. It is probably... Continue Reading →

Quest for Quota

After facing roadblocks for 14 years, the women’s reservation bill was finally passed by the Rajya Sabha. As anticipated, it met stiff resistance from certain expected quarters. The only difference was that the opposition was camouflaged in the garb of “quota within quota” gimmick. The opponents claim that if the bill is passed in its... Continue Reading →

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