No lush green lawns,

No mountains beyond,

A city that runs so fast,

A daily marathon of sorts.


But in all the hustle bustle,

A tender heart dwells,

And when met with any hurdle,

Mumbai shows she really cares.


She taught me empathy,

She taught me to fight,

She showed me how blessed I was,

How to lend my hand for a greater cause.


As I moved out of my parent’s abode,

She held my hand on every road.

At times a bus driver, at times a conductor,

At times a fellow commuter’s robes she wore.


Her crowded streets may scare you away,

But she taught me how to find my way.

The strangers who didn’t seem to care,

Turned into angels when calamities fell.


Her trains taught me how to unite,

Play a traveler’s role in the journey of life,

Rich or poor, no caste she divides,

A family you are, till your destination arrives.


A treasure of memories I carry forever,

Of hardship and kindness that dwell together.

Her spirit has always helped her survive,

Mumbai, the great teacher of life !