One morning, as I stepped outside,

Three stunning beauties met my eyes.

Lovely, lavender colour they adorned,

Bright and radiant their faces shone.


I was looking forward to meet them.

For their buds, I had carefully nurtured.

Yet, as the periwinkles blossomed,

Their petals set my heart aflutter.


They happily soaked in the sunshine,

They gently swayed with the breeze.

They frolicked with the butterflies,

Oblivious of the dreaded disease.


Lucky, aren’t they? I thought,

How carefree they can breathe.

No worries, no fear, no sorrow,

Blooming gleefully in the field.


“You’re wrong,” said the periwinkles,

“We have arrived because we care.

Some joy we have come to spread,

To wipe off the feelings of dread.”


They said they were here to remind me,

Of the small things in life that matter.

To  calm the chaos within me,

To be grateful for the gifts of nature.


So I looked around the garden,

Were there any more angels in disguise?

My guess was right, there were plenty,

How come they had escaped my eyes?


The infant sprouts, the new born leaves,

The chirping birds, the buzzing bees.

The creepers embracing frontiers new,

The colourful flowers painting the view.


The cat licking her kittens’ cheeks,

The bubbly squirrels playing hide-n-seek.

The snail crawling on muddy terrain,

The tiny sparrows pecking on grain.


“We all care,” said the periwinkles.

“So we are here to make you smile.

To give you a moment of pleasure,

To help you lose yourself for a while.”


The periwinkles, since, keep arriving!

They keep drawing me close to nature

         “Sure, the times are hard,” they say,                

“But things will change for the better.”