She waited with bated breath,

Her heart throbbing fast.

She knew the time had arrived,

The stage was set, at last.

She knew, she was not alone,

For they would all perform together.

But when the curtains fall,

They would leave the stage forever.

The cool breeze caressed her,

It felt her sorrow and fear.

“I’ll hold your hand,” it whispered,

“Now, get ready for the show.”

Somehow, she gathered herself,

Her role, she had to play well.

A lovely costume she wore with care,

Her emotions, she tried to quell.

Oh, how gorgeous she looked!

Her beauty glittering like gold.

Every gaze she left mesmerized,

As she gracefully essayed her role.

But soon, the stardom began to fade,

As the harsh, biting winds bellowed.

They carried a message from heaven,

It was time she detached her soul.

So she held her beloved’s hand,

and let the gentle breeze guide her.

They danced to the tune of nature,

Now, she was free from all her fear.

Peacefully, she slept on the grass,

Her transient glory immortal.

A little girl saw her and exclaimed,

“This pretty maple leaf is a miracle!”